Dragons are beings of mythical power and portent. Ageless and Immortal, they are the physical manifestation of the meta-physical elements. They are at their core, forces of nature. Each Dragon associated element. They are neither god and nor elemental,yet, with them lies, the Mandate of Heaven.

The 1st Generation

As so known as the God-Emperors, these were the first dragons. They were born with the universe and wandered it in the time before creation eventually made there way to the Mortal Realms where they shaped and ruled creation. They were not limited by form unlike the the younger generations, nor were they wholly physical. After a time they left the world but they left behind 120 eggs that would hatch into the second generation.

Mehan, The Ouroboros, The Wood Dragon

The eldest of the five, Mehan brought life and motion to the world. It is his breathe that renew the world.

Teli, The Pole Serpent, The Fire Dragon

The second eldest of the five, Teli brought inspiration and hope to the world. It is his light that guides the world.

Jormungandr, The World Snake. The Earth Dragon

The third eldest and third youngest of the five. Jormungandr brought order and balance to the world. It is his will that enforces causality.

Bailong, The White Emperor. The Metal Dragon

The second youngest of the five. Bailong brought nobility and will to the world. It is his blood that gives virtue to men.

Vritra, The Devourer. The Water Dragon

The youngest of the five. Vritra brought wisdom and learning to the world. It is his words that reveals the truth.

The 2nd Generation

Also known as the Dragon-Emperors. They hatched from the eggs left by the first generation and where the first to have multiple forms. They tend to remain in their dragon forms and will only take there human form went necessary. They worked to protect and nurture the world, their inheritance, until their parents returned as they believe they would. They were born in all regions of the world but, they found themselves drawn to each other, each ying to her yang and vice-versa. Slowly they found each other, first their mates and the other members of their race. After a few millennia, the first of the third generation hatched.

The 3rd Generation

Also known as the Elemental-Emperors. Children of the 2nd Generation, the oldest of them are around 22,000 years old, the youngest around 11,000 years. They tend to remain in their human form and only transform when provoked. They were born in pairs, twins, one yin and the other yang, sharing the element and zodiac sign. Each as with there parents they to are drawn to a mate, though instead of there yin/yang counterpart, they are drawn the their elemental counterparts both earthly and heavenly.


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