Kord, The Main Man!

An Avenging Angel with a Badass Bike and a chip on his shoulder


Strength 31 (19)
Dexterity 26 (18)
Constitution 30 (18)
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 26
Charisma 6
Stats in parentheses reflect Normal Identity.

Attack: +5 bonus, +2 melee focus, -1 size
Defense: 12 + 1 dodge + 4 dodge focus (10)
Skill Ranks: 11 acrobatics, 11 ride, 6 profession
Feats: Accurate, All-out, Defensive, Power attack, Withstand Damage, Defensive Strike, Takedown Attack (rank 1), Follow-up Strike, Elusive target, Evasion (rank 2), Acrobatic Feint, Improved Feint

Growth 6 (stats reflected above), Permanent, Full Power, Innate (12 points)

Celestial Martial Arts Array:
Inexorable Advance of the High Heavens: Mighty Vampiric Strike 3, Improved critical 5
Relentless Judgement of Evil’s Lamentation: Mighty Autofire(rank 2) Strike 3, Full-round execution, Improved critical 5
Inescapable Grasp of Omniscience: Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin, Crushing Pin, Agile Grappler, Reversal, Damaging Escape, Improved Critical (unarmed) 5

Miracle Array: (Drawback: entire array is obvious: -1 point)
Heaven’s Gaze: Super-sight: Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Counters all Obscure, Detect hidden
Righteous Might: Super Strength 5
Voice of the Gods: Comprehend 3 (all spoken language is open) Communication 9, Limited to the Heaven (Dimensional power feat)
Divine Intercession: Total Restoration 4 (Distracting), Persistent, Regrowth

Drawbacks: Normal Identity (full round), Moderately Vulnerable to Righteousness, Majorly Vulnerable to Innocence, Majorly Holding back (Power Limited)

Limit Break Conditions:
Millions of Innocents in Danger (My own personal health is never a factor)
Presence of Powerful Demonic Forces.
Limit Break Drawback:
Either Inert (mortal body instantly dies, takes even longer to come back then normal), Monstrosity, or Berserk. Maybe two of them.
Limit Break Bonuses:
Enhanced Growth 4
Enhanced Strength 4
Enhanced Constitution 10
Enhanced Reflex 6
Enhanced Will 6
Enhanced Attack 8
Enhanced Melee Focus 2
Enhanced Defense 12, +2 convert dodge focus to regular defense
Enhanced Array (Martial Arts) 6
Enhanced Array (Miracle) 26

Martial Arts array: +3 ranks on all 2/rank strikes.
Add following feats to Grapple config: Unarmed Flurry 5(Interval 4, max +10), Precise Strike

Miracle Array: Entire Array is Dynamic
Heaven’s Gaze: Super Sight Extended Range x2, X-ray, Analyctical, Truesight(10), Detect Sin(2), Detect Guilt, Radius, Rapid x2, Uncanny Dodge, Ultravision, Divine Awareness, Magical Awareness, Infernal Awareness
Righteous Might: Super Strength 14
Direct Intervention: Total Faithful (Heaven-bound) Resurrection (Restorative, Area, distracting) 4, Regrowth, Persistant, Progression x5 (2000ft. Range)
Super Voice: Comprehend 4 (Languages), Emotion Control (Fear) 14, Communication (Dimensional), distracting 9, limited (dimensional only)
Angelic Wings: Flight 13, Good Maneuverability, Takedown Attack
Wrath of God: Full-round Distracting Autofire x2 Blast with five shots 21 Precise 2, Insubstantial 2, Incurable, indirect, Improved Aim, Enhances range x2 (10500 increment), Obvious, Full Power


Kord, The Main Man!

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