Puck's Revolution

Session one
A record of events

Session one:
The party gathered in and around the UN building in New York. Joe Biden (Obama was scheduled but an issue with Air Force One cause him not to be able to make it) began to speak about the new Super-Samaritan Law and how he expected it was only the first of many such laws. Robyn Goodfellow blasted him off the stage with manure squeezed from an actual bull. She began to speak about how those with powers made the modern power structure obsolete. She was heckled into cutting her speech short by Agent Null and flipped the cow at him. A battle started up in the General Assembly Hall, and moved onto the streets outside, as it was discovered that the Robyn Goodfellow giving the speech was an illusion, and the actual one was riding inside the bull, which was a clay fetch. As the bull charged down the street, four members of the party gave chase. The angel and the ice dragon found their magic turned against them and used to enhance the fetch. It sped up beyond most of the parties ability to follow and then crashed into the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue became a giant clay animated Robyn Goodfellow, and a horde of Arcadians were exiled on to Ellis Island. The demon purged the clay off the statue by stunting reversible onto her portal and the ice dragon trapped the Fae onto a circular floating ice flow. The dragon and the demon returned to the demon’s nether-sanctum and began researching contacting/summoning Oberon, Titania or Mab, and the demon decided simply gate crashing (from England) was easiest. Agent Null made some calls to have those wood closed off and our angelic biker go an urgent from heaven that this was happening.


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